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Vinyl Tackboard Panels Specification

Vinyl covered tackboard substrate shall be industrial insulation board 1/2″ by full height and shall be manufactured specifically as a substrate for vinyl-covered wall panels.  The board shall be asphalt free, shall have an ironed-on coating, and have a density of 16 pounds per cubic foot.  Edges are square without bevel (beveled available on request).

Vinyl coatings shall be made of virgin vinyl calendared base color, weighing a minimum of 15 oz. per linear yard. Coatings shall be backed with sheeting of non-woven fabric. Vinyl wall coverings shall be mechanically laminated, with the long edges wrapped to the back of the tackboard. Panels will be applied over 1/2″ Gypsum board or 3/8″ plywood sheeting. The vinyl-covered tackboard shall be a class II flame spread rating.

Reference brand: Chatfield Clarke

Care shall be taken in mounting the tackboard so that the woven texture of all panels will have the same orientation and color match.

Vinyl Tackboard Panels

Vinyl Tackboard Panels Description

Turn your walls into a creative, practical, and durable surface with our unique vinyl-wrapped tackboard panels. Our vinyl tackboard panels modernize any space and create a fun, engaging atmosphere. These panels offer businesses and educational institutions a superior wall finishing solution.

Vinyl Tackboard Panels in Schools, Modular Builders, and Private Businesses 

Vinyl tackboard systems repurpose a large amount of wasted space and transform walls into a modern and functional solution. Our boards are durable, easy-to-install or replace, and self-healing. They improve work, learning, and living environments.

Add Style, Improve Functionality, and Reduce Noise

Our tackboard panels also come with the added benefit of being hygienic and fire-resistant. Our team specifically designed and tested each board with tackable performance in mind. This ensures quality, durability, and sustainability.

Save time and costs!

Teachers and students alike prefer the high-tech environment our vinyl wall coverings provide. Parents also appreciate the sense of warmth and comfort our products add to their walls. And the praise doesn’t stop there, with facilities directors appreciating that our vinyl-wrapped boards eliminate the expensive costs and time-consuming labor associated with traditional drywall upkeep/maintenance.

Most importantly, we carefully inspect every panel to ensure the stitching, color, and trim are unvaried because we understand that owners, architects, and designers want a uniform design.

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