Vinyl Tackboard Panels

Acoustical, vinyl tackboard wall systems for classrooms, offices, and hospitality buildings.



Specially finished porcelain steel faced panel.


Faux/Vinyl Cork Bulletin Boards

High quality, vinyl covered cork bulletin board.


Vinyl Tackboard | Magnaboards ® | Bulletin Boards | Textiles

Vinyl Tackboard | Magnaboards ® | Bulletin Boards | Textiles

Our products deliver an extra dimension of practicality and inventiveness to building solutions and are often found in education, professional, and hospitality buildings. Modernize any classroom or workspace with vinyl-wrapped tackboards. Our vinyl and fabric tabkboard panel solutions are fire-resistant, aesthetically pleasing, and offer the following features and benefits:

~  Features  &  Benefits  ~

  • Utilize the entire wall as a tack-able surface

  • Quick and easy to install or replace

  • Save on time-consuming and costly repairs

  • Hygienic, easy-to-clean design

  • No need for separate tack boards

  • Self-healing, Crack-resistant pinboards


  • Cost effective, economic solution

  • Invaluable tool for teaching and instruction

  • Durable long lasting cover

  • Acoustical design deadens sound to help eliminate distractions

  • Creates an attractive educational setting


  • Creative designs and colors to match any room

  • Invaluable tool for teaching, instruction, guidelines

  • Made with sturdy, durable and long lasting materials

  • Acoustical design deadens sound and insulates noise

  • Creates a fun, interactive atmosphere for every room

  • Insulation board for strength, versatility, and tackability


Largest In-House Inventory & Quickest Turnaround in the Industry

At Chatfield Clarke, we pride ourselves on being the premier assembly house for quick-turn projects. Our expert manufacturing team and large inventory allows us to uniquely accommodate all types of orders. For more than half-a-century, it has been our pleasure to provide clients with the quality, speed, and efficiency they’ve come to expect of Chatfield Clarke. 

  • Our speed and precision ensure we’re able to fulfill the most demanding deadlines without sacrificing quality

  • One, two, or three-day turnaround after all materials are received

  • We maintain a large inventory of vinyl wall coverings to reduce turnaround time and deliver your products quickly

  • We provide in-depth product specifications and literature to ensure your team has all necessary information



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Vinyl Tackboards Feature an Industrial Insulation Board Core For Stability, Strength, and Functionality