About Chatfield Clarke

Supplying School Classrooms & Modular Builders for Over 50 Years

Supplying Private Businesses & Municipal Government for Over 50 Years

Our History

Established in 1963, Chatfield Clarke was founded upon a belief to approach business not as a transaction, but as an ongoing relationship, with the objective of creating true value for our clients. Strong relationships are the foundation of our success. At every level of our business, we forge two-way partnerships based on trust, integrity, and respect.

In business for more than half-a-century, we’re focused on meeting the unique and particular needs of the market. We manufacture and supply products such as vinyl (tackboard) wall-coverings/ panels, magnaboards (whiteboard) and vinyl bulletin boards for municipal governments, modular construction builders, and private businesses alike.

Now under a new ownership/management team, we’re excited to perfect our services, expand out network, and continue to build on the esteemed reputation of Chatfield Clarke.

We live by a belief that a few well-made items are better than many that are not.

Our company works to provide outstanding service to each client by emphasizing personal service, communication, coordination, planning, and a team approach to problem-solving. Committed to establishing both lasting relationships and practices, we boast a long history of manufacturing products with an Earth-friendly attitude through our green policies and initiatives.

Our dedication to providing the very highest level of service in all that we do is infused in every aspect of our business from our ethos to the training of our people and the development of client relationships.

For more than six decades, our vinyl tackboard panels have been the go-to wall solution for school districts in California and the Western United States. In fact, multiple school districts, private schools, and architecture firms have made Chatfield Clarke’s vinyl tackboard panels the district standard for wall coverings in classrooms, music rooms, hallways, and auditoriums.

Our vinyl tackboards are utilized by architects and designers to create a quieter, more enjoyable, and productive learning environment. Having proven durability and practicality, we’re proud to have tens of thousands of our vinyl wall coverings installed as both a functional and protective wall covering. 

Environmental Statement

Chatfield Clarke is committed to protecting and preserving natural resources to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations. Dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future, we continually strive to develop innovative products and manufacturing processes that both protect the environment and benefit the communities where we work.

Striving to continually improve our Green initiatives, we have moved a step above GREENGUARD to California Indoor Air Quality Specification 01350 for our vinyl tackboards and select tack boards because at Chatfield Clarke, we support the Green movement and prioritize environmentally sustainable practices. The only health-based building material specification, some key elements of Section 10350 are procedures to ensure good indoor air quality and to protect human health. This part of the specification includes product selection guidelines and emission testing protocols to distinguish low-emitting materials: CDPH Standard Practice for VOC Testing; State Construction Projects; Low-Emitting Materials Criteria for Schools; National Implementation; Building Material Emissions Study; Tire-Derived Rubber Flooring Study. We believe natural resources are critical to our organization, as they not only allow us to manufacture the premium products we’re known for but also help us to create a sustainable quality of life. The environmental program at Chatfield Clarke is ongoing and continues to expand as we practice ecologically responsible manufacturing.