Koroseal® RCV Vinyl Wallcovering Specification

Physical Properties Specifications
Fabric Osnaburg
Weight 21 oz/linear yd (651 grams/linear meter)
Roll Width 52 – 54″
Federal Spec CCC-W408A, Type II
CFFA Spec CFFA-W-101D, Type II
Fire Testing NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
NFPA 225, UL723, ASTM E84, CAN S102M
Tunnel Test1 Class A Rating
NFPA 286 Corner Burn Test2
Meets requirements for flame spread, smoke developed and flashover
1 when tested on GRC board with A 848-B adhesive
2 when tested on Type X gypsum board with A 848-B adhesive

KOROSEAL® RCV Wallcoverings and Reclamation Program

Koroseal has developed a collection of wallcoverings that contain recycled material to reduce the amount of virgin raw materials required in the production of wallcovering.

– LEEDS MR 2.1 and 2.2, Construction Waste Management:
RCV Wallcoverings can be recycled through the Koroseal Wallcovering Reclamation Program
– LEED° MR 4.1 and 4.2, Recycled Content:
RCV Wallcoverings are manufactured with 20% pre-consumer recycled content
– LEED° MR 5.1 (CI), Regional Materials:
RCV can contribute to a building achieving this credit if the building is located within 500 miles of the manufacturing facility in Marietta, Ohio or in Louisville, Kentucky, depending on the product
– LEED° EQ 4 (Schools), Low-Emitting Materials:
RCV Wallcovering meets California Indoor Air Quality Specification 01350
  • Contains Early Warning Effect®
  • Wallcovering is printed using water-based inks
  • Meets the same specifications as standard Type II products
  • Can be made breathable, achieving an average permeability rating of 10, reducing the potential for mold and mildew growth
  • Class A Fire-Rated
  • UL Rated and Labeled
  • Sold in 30 yard bolts

Koroseal® Wallcovering Reclamation Program
Koroseal is pleased to reclaim and recycle used vinyl wallcovering to reduce the amount of material being disposed in landfills.  Any fabric-backed (woven or non-woven) vinyl wallcovering can be returned to Koroseal.  Koroseal will pay for return freight to Marietta, Ohio if an “equal number of yards” are ordered from Koroseal (assume one pound = one yard).  Please contact a Koroseal Customer Service Representative to fill out a Wallcovering Reclamation Returned Goods Authorization form prior to return shipment.  Call for more details about the program.  Product specification fact sheets can be obtained by contacting Customer Service at 800-828-4556 (330-668-7600) or visit our website: www.koroseal.com

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