The Chatfield Clarke Team

Joe Baeskens

Joe Chatfield Clarke -SM

Joe Baeskens comes to Chatfield Clarke with 40 years of experience in manufacturing with added expertise in customer service.  He comes from the street sweeper broom industry and has excelled with the same customer base of Chatfield Clarke; contractors large and small and municipal customers such as cities and school districts.

He has two priorities in taking over this successful business, that Kim and her family have built. The first is to continue treating our employees the same great way they have always been treated. The second is to continue the unmatched customer service that our customers have grown accustomed too.

On the personal side, Joe graduated from Cal State Fullerton in 1990 where he played soccer for the Titans.  He is the father of two children, Jimmy and Janelle, and he has been married to his wife Julie for 28 years.  In his free time, he trains to run marathons, ultra-marathons, and half and full Ironman triathlons.